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  • Memory is improving.

    "I have noticed that my memory is getting better when using Wemorii before bed." - Jamie S.

  • Finally Deep Sleep!

    "Finally experiencing the best sleep of my life, thanks to Wemorii!" - Alex P.

  • Great for Yoga :)

    "Perfect addition to my yoga routine, enhancing my focus and relaxation." - Taylor M.


Elevate Your Bio-Hacking Routines

Seamlessly blend the Wemorii One Home into your health-conscious lifestyle. Embrace the products you adore and witness the transformation in your health metrics.


Simplify with Just 3 Blends

Forget the hassle of researching and buying countless essential oils. Our innovative device functions like an ink-jet printer, requiring only three base blends to craft a multitude of recipes effortlessly.


Experience Uninterrupted Sleep

Achieve the perfect night's sleep by powering off the LEDs. Our thoughtful design ensures all lights, including the power indicators, are extinguished, allowing for a truly undisturbed rest.

You're In Control

Seamless WiFi Connectivity

Control the Wemorii One Home effortlessly with our app and smart home technology. Enjoy the convenience of operating your device from anywhere across the globe.

3 Base Blends Produce 24 Health-Centered Recipes!

After extensive research and years of formulation, studying hundreds of essential oils, we've crafted 24 unique recipes. These blends are meticulously mixed in precise dosages, utilizing only the highest grade and purest essential oils for unparalleled quality."

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